−Wash your Liyah Hair™ when necessary. We recommend sulfate-free shampoo & intensive treatment conditioning system. Always condition hair after shampooing. Hand dry your Liyah Hair™ with a skirt hanger by the weft.


−Only style your Liyah Hair™ at 360 °F or lower. Heat protection products are recommended while using high-temperature iron.


−Brush your Liyah Hair™ on and off your head. Brush periodically throughout the day from the ends up. Gently detangling is the best way to keep your hair from tangling and prevent breakage/hair loss.


−Liyah Hair™ products are made of quality Virgin Remy human hair. You may color your Liyah Hair™. We recommend going to a color specialist.


−For the longest life, you want to avoid excessive heat, excessive brushing, and excessive washing. Styling products have chemicals in them that are not meant for dead, processed hair extensions. Because of this, it is likely that these products will cause drying, damage, matting, and severe tangling.


−If needed to prevent tangling you can add a pea size amount of a lightweight serum. Do not apply serum daily. Only use serum if absolutely necessary. Too much serum can result in product buildup that can make your hair feel dirty.