How to Prevent Shedding

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How to Prevent Shedding

Let's be real, hair sheds. Just like the hair on your head! So it is quite normal to see shedding, especially after a while of wearing. 

But, there are steps and tips you can take to prevent long-term loss of strands and help you minimize that ever-annoying shedding problem.

1st, Pre- Install, to prevent long-term shedding of your hair bundles, sealing your hair is a must! Using one of your favorite sealants, seal your wefts, and allow to dry overnight. 

2nd, During install, whether you're installing your bundles to your head or a wig cap, make sure to sew around the wefts, not through them.

3rd, After install, be gentle when styling your hair. Going to hard with styling tools will yank out your strands.